So this is the start of this blog. I would like to start by explaining why e-marketing basics.

Well, this blog was created with some of my clients in mind. I work as E Marketing Manager for a Company called iformat.
We are based in Melbourne and I could probably say that half of our clients are small businesses.

Whilst small business are realising the importance of SEO and Online Marketing in General and understand it is a cost effective investment rather than an expense, some of the ongoing site promotion and SEO gets forgotten after the SEO implementation.

E-marketing Basics and Small Businesses

The site is ranking, so that’s fine. But SEO is an ongoing process and if you want to improve or even preserve your rankings you must do continual work on the site.

Bigger clients can afford to have us do the work for them, but on a small business, business owners have to do a lot o the work.

I then realised that after I finish a project, a couple of months down the road the work is not being done on the small businesses sites. So I write them emails explaining how to go about it. With time, it got really boring writing some many emails, so I thought, if I have a blog, I can direct my clients to it and they will always have fresh and valuable information.

Back to Online Marketing Basics

  • Assist with the basics of Search Engine Optimisation: I want to be able to have small business to understand the importance of SEO and be able to carry on the work after an SEO strategy is implemented.
  • Assist with business who are to engage with an SEO firm, what they should look for and make sure they are not being made a fool of themselves by cowboys of the search engine optimisation industry (trust me, I have seen many of them)
  • Help people the already have their SEO strategy in place, but feel is time to do a bit more and tap on the whole online marketing strategy.
  • Talk about benefits of pay per click and how to make a sound investment and avoid costly keywords that will not benefit your business.
  • Give an idea about the importance of an email marketing campaign, hints on how to go about it.
  • Talk about engaging clients on your website with a design and structure that focus on conversion
  • Demonstrated the importance of a well written copy on you website and how a couple of tricks can make people more interested in what you have to say.
  • I can miss the social media revolution, so we’ll talk about that as well, how to use it efficiently and what you can expect from it.
  • Help with some affiliate marketing information and how you can benefit from it.

This is just what I remember now, but we will add to this list as we go.

So keep coming back, sign up for the RSS feed ….