What does this have to do with SEO or online marketing?Not that much. But this is just a short post to show that you can pretty much find out everything through a good Search Engine. It will also illustrate the slight difference between results from Google and Bing.

How did I find out Shane Warne leaves in Brighton

Yesterday I finished work and got home ready to take Boss (my beloved staffy dog) for a walk. It was hot and humid, which is unusual for Melbourne, and I was tired after a busy day at work. Being 7 months pregnant does not help either but the puppy needs a walk and always get one.

We go our usual way and as soon as I am to turn the corner onto William Street in Brighton, I see camera crews, journalists, cameras, paparazzi and the lot. I get really curious, but had no idea what was going on and the possibility of being filmed or photographed looking that way (remember, it was a hot day and I am pregnant so not my best) was too frightening so I walked on and did a different route.

Little did I know that they would not be any interested in me since they were there for truly famous people and not interviewing residents or anything.

Bing, Google and Bang: I’m in the loop with the latest Brighton gossip

I get back home and go straight to my computer, had been cursing my Iphone issues all the way as the internet or anything for that matter is working really poorly on the old chap. This meant I could not start my simple research right there in the park.

But laptop in hand and I start the search. As lately I have been trying to give the Search Engine Bing a fair go, I start with it and type:

William street Brighton paparazzi

This was not the least enlightening to be honest as the article was dated December 09. But I knew I was really just typing first thing in my mind without thinking and was not going to hold Bing responsible.

However, I then did the same thing with Google and this is what I get.

Needless to say, that brought me the answer I was looking for and I then realise that Shane Warne lives in Brighton and his girlfriend Liz Hurley was visiting. I had been wondering: Shane Warne and Liz Hurley, sounded like a strange match at first. But then again… not really.

This has shown me a clear advantage of using Google when searching for news and up to date information on something. Like gossip of course!! No one wants to hear yesterday’s love affairs or break ups. It’s all about today’s news and the fresher the better.

This does not mean that Google is the best full stop. There are occasions, where really up to date information is not what matters, but relevancy is. We will talk more about Bing and Google and why you should be using both.

In the mean time, good luck to Warnie and Hurley’s romance and their time in Australia.