Seo link building quite simply refers to the process of ensuring that other websites on the internet link to your content. 

Effectively link building is when you get other websites to suggest users look at your website for further information.

It’s a referral system. 

This serves as a tick of approval from other online sites and it rates your content as worthy of reading. 

Why link building for SEO is important

Google is very intelligent. It rates the content on your website according to readability, keywords and content.

Google is also smart enough to determine whether or not other websites think your content is worth reading. 

It does this by taking note of whether or not other websites link back to your page. 

So, if you have a website with excellent keyword optimisation, pay per click advertising (PPC) but no SEO link building –  competitors are going to continue to outrank you on search engine’s listings. 

It is imperative to utilise seo link building in order to stay ahead of the competition.

SEO link building made simple

SEO link building can be a very tricky task. How are you supposed to convince other people to link back to your website? 

There is one really easy way to build up links to your website. 

SEO and online marketing expert, Neil Patel, makes the process simple. 

First you need to create an infographic for your website. Make it easy to read and crucial to your readers. 

Infographics go viral very easily because people engage with images a lot more than they engage with written content. 

Once you have created the infographic –  put an embed code into it. When people copy and paste the infographic from your site to theirs, it will create a link from their site to your site. 

This link building seo strategy relies very heavily on you getting traffic to your website. If no one is visiting your site then no one is going to use the embed code. 

Broken link building SEO strategies

One very common and very successful technique is to use broken link building SEO techniques. 

Most sites you find that educate you on broken link building will advise you to download costly add ons in order to successfully do this. 

That’s certainly an option and it can save you a bit of time. Ahrefs and Buzzsumo are great resources to utilise if you want to go down that path. 

However, if you’re looking for a cost effective strategy we have the perfect system for you.

First you want to download the Chrome add on – Check My Links. It’s 100% free. 

The second thing you want to download is the add on – it’s also free.

Now follow these easy steps. 

Step 1: Search for broken links 

You want to find links in resources pages because these places are far more likely to have broken links.

These three search suggestions will help you achieve that. 

  • resources + keyword
  • keyword + links
  • keyword resources

Make a list of all the websites you find that seem like they could be a good hit. 

Step 2: Check for broken links 

Once you have your list of broken links all you need to do is go back to the site, and head to the resources page. 

Use the Check My Links add on your downloaded –  it will highlight all the broken links in red. 

Now you need to decide if the links are worth using.  The best way to do this is to ask yourself two questions.

  1. Is the content directly relevant to your product/service?
  2. How high is the domain authority?

Step 3: Send an email to site owner

Now you might be wondering – how in the world are you going to find out what the email is?That is exactly why you downloaded the add on.

All you need to do is click on the icon and it will search the site for all the relevant emails. 

Send an email that achieves the following things;

  • Start by compliment the website
  • Avoid sounding like a blanket email
  • Comment on something specific that you found helpful
  • Mention at the end that you noticed there was a broken link
  • Include URLs and screenshots of broken link
  • Mention that you have a great resource they could replace the broken link with
  • End with a “it’s up to you” message – don’t try to force them

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