Right, we have chosen 5 SEO KEYWORDS and now what?

It’s important to notice that each of the 5 keywords must be relevant to your website and you must have enough content for each if those keywords as you will need to dedicate a page of your website to each one.

seo sitemap

What if I don’t have enough content for a page based on the main keywords?

Well you shouldn’t have chosen the keyword in the first place then!

If you want to rank on page one of Google for a keyword with more than competitors for it, this better be relevant and you better have enough to talk about it.

You will also choose 2 variations of the main SEO keywords you have chosen. These can be from your keyword research or you can use thesaurus for ideas on synonymous as well.

E.g. Main keyword – beach house rental
Secondary keyword 1 – holiday rental
Secondary keyword 2 – Hampton beach house

Another good way of finding secondary keyword is by typing the main SEO keyword into the Google search box and checking for what other keywords are shown on the title tags on page one.

finding keywords variations

Ideas on what to write on a keyword

  • Definition: not everyone knows about your products or services as you might think! Google loves definitions and so do people who are doing research.
  • product or services pros and cons (bullet points always goes well)
  • Who will benefit from it?
  • relevant testimonials
  • prices or rates (if applicable)
  • reviews
  • images (make sure you have rights to use then)website images
  • A call to action
    website call to action

So get writing!

Recapping: the Basics SEO Keyword Research

  1. Brainstorm SEO keywords
  2. Use Google Adwords keyword tool to get more keywords and analyse traffic potential for your SEO keyword
  3. SEO keywords chosen must be relevant
  4. Choose keywords that are not too broad and not too restrictive either
  5. Analyse the competition for the keyword
  6. Choose FIVE main SEO keyword for your website.
  7. Dedicate at least one page of your website per main keyword.
  8. Choose two keyword variations of the main keywords
  9. Make your pages content rich, keyword relevant and interesting. If the reader likes it, search engines like Google will like it too.