How To Set Up Google Webmasters Tools

Google has been doing a lot of changes in its search algorithms, and so it is important to be aware of how your website is going and if Google needs to communicate something with you about your site. For this Google offers Webmasters Tools, a free tool that provides webmasters

By |24 Jun 2013|

Google Authorship: How To Guide – A Must for Bloggers

If you have been doing your searches on Google for the past months (which I suppose you do), you've probably noticed that there are tiny faces showing up next to the search results like below. Looks great doesn't it? This means that these people are the authors of these great

By |27 May 2013|

How to Choose your Domain Name?

Hello!! Today we will be talking, in simple terms, about how to choose your domain name. Choose a good domain name so that your domain does not look like: Be careful when choosing your domain name! This is a question I have been getting a lot, so I have decided

By |17 Dec 2012|

SEO Keyword Competition

How to analyse the SEO keyword competition You should have several good and relevant keywords on you list by now. Remember, they should bring enough traffic and be relevant to your business and website to be worth targeting. Now we need to know if it will be easy or too

By |7 May 2012|