Hi everyone,

Today I am blogging to participate on Motivating Mum Blog Carnival If you are a WAHM(working at home mum) or WAHM a to be, you should come and have a look at this website for some support and motivation.

So why do I blog? I blog to help people with their website. People with no technical background, small businesses, mums starting or growing their own business and anyone who cares about their website and would like to get more visitors.

SEO and Online Marketing Blog

I love SEO and E-marketing and I am lucky to love my work. I also like to help people and love helping my clients.

Some of my clients are small businesses with a limited budget for a complex online marketing or SEO strategy, but as some of you would already know, SEO and online marketing are ongoing processes and need to be worked on regularly, so if you can’t afford to pay a good web strategy firm to do it for you, your next best option is to do it yourself.

SEO is Too Hard

That is what a lot of people say, and I will not lie, a good SEO strategy takes time and knowledge to achieve.

That is why most will benefit from having the Search Engine Optimisation done by a professional. A professional SEO will research the best keywords for you, the ones that are achievable and relevant to your site and the keywords that will bring you the best return on investment. The SEO professional will prepare all other relevant details for your site, like headings and metadata (hidden code that tells Google what the page is about). The SEO firm can also implement the strategy and take care of the technical details.

Search Engine Optimisation can be done with relatively low costs, especially if you consider the benefits it will bring to your business, so well worth the investment.

But then, what about the ongoing process, the link building, the social media, the new pages to your site? You have started seeing results, you have more traffic and more sales, so you can let it go. This is where E-marketing Basics Blog comes in.

Weekly, Bite Size SEO and Online Marketing Tips

With this you can carry on your online marketing and get your site to rank better, get more exposure and more sales.

Remember your website should work for you! Having a good website is like having a sales person working for you, except there is no holiday pay and it works 24 hours a day. SEO is the constant stream of qualified leads for this efficient sales person you have.

Main points

  • Your website should work for you, a good website is like an efficient sales person
  • SEO brings you constant stream of qualified leads to your website
  • www.e-marketingbasics is about basics, and if you don’t understand something, ask, this is why I love the comments box
  • By following my blog, you will have basic and easy to understand information to improve your website rankings
  • Have a specific SEO question, ask on the comment box and I’ll respond
  • Why I blog? To help you to improve your site!

That is it for now, thanks everyone and a special thanks to Alli, from Motivating Mum, who has invited me to her blogging carnival.