Looking Ahead: Google Instant Preview Affects SEO

Google has revealed a unique, new way to improve their search results with the feature “Google Instant Preview”.

Some people are asking if Instant Preview will imply the end for SEO. The answer is – no. Google Instant Preview does not change the ranking process of Google’s search results. It doesn’t mark the end for SEO but there may be a few changes to your SEO strategy and techniques.

Preview of Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview

How does Google Instant Preview Work?

Instant Preview is structured to provide graphical previews of the search result websites. The graphical previews also, at times, highlight the most relevant parts called “call-outs”, as well as where the search term appears on the page.
By clicking once on the magnifying glass in the search result will instantly preview the web page. After activating Instant Previews with that one click, you can hover over any other search result to see a preview of the web page.

The Importance of Good Website Design with Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview will impact on the quality of your web page design:

  • Google Instant Preview takes screenshots of the web page and also highlights the search keywords or key phrase (Call Outs as they are called). This all happens without receiving a click through.
  • Searchers will now base the way they open the search results website through the design itself, the logo, colors, layouts and call outs.
  • Experts warn that design now becomes a critical factor in making sure click-through rates remain the same.

Flash and Google Instant Preview

If you’re site is made from Flash, Google Instant Preview possibly previews blank screenshots of the Flash website. So along with the fact that Iphones and Ipads do not display flash, having a website purely build on flash could be the end of your online business.

Google Preview and Flash

Google Instant Preview Advice

  • make sure your website pages are well structured, a professional website design company can assist you in the process
  • keep your pages clearly laid out and with a minimum of distractions or external content
  • make sure that keyword appears to the content of pages.
  • when possible avoid pop-ups, flash, multimedia and other elements to avoid having Google Instant Preview display blank or unattractive graphics.