How to Start Your SEO Keyword Research? Brainstorming!

Basic Keyword Research – The importance of Keywords Choice When Optimising a Website

SEO is becoming more and more popular, you go to some networking meetings and the new buzz word is “SEO”, “search engine optimisation” or “be found in Google” by the more basics

keywords research and SEO

With SEO becoming more and more popular is not uncommon for me to have people coming to me and asking me for hints about how to optimise theirs site. This is great, as I believe anyone can benefit from an optimised site.

However, what I have noticed is that most have not thought about the first thing about SEO. The foundations of a good search engine strategy, the super importantkeyword research

So this is what we will talk about, keyword research for a SEO strategy that actually is worth your time.

How to Start a Keyword Research for SEO Purposes


Always start a keyword research by brainstorming

  • Think about the services and products you provide and write down all the different names you can think of.
  • Think about what would a searcher looking for your products or services would type in the search engines to find your products, think outside the square, write it all down
  • Think about the benefits your products or services can bring to your potential clients. Write it all down.
  • Get all the words you came out with and think of variations of it. Plural, singular, synonymous, invert the order of the keywords e.g. Happy person > happy people > people happy > happy persons

SEO tip: spend a week on this brainstorming. Take 1 hour at first to start this list and then carry this list with you for the whole week, save it on you phone notes, or carry in a piece of paper.

Every time you can think of something, write it down. By the end the week you should have at least 50 keywords on your list for us to start our new step, next week.