Google brings about 95% of traffic to your website, so there is no doubt Google is King. But how to make Google love you?

Start by loving it back!!

The first step to love Google is by loving your target audience (clients).

Why is Google so good, why are they the best search engine and such a big thing?

Because they aim to provide people with what people want.
People love Google because Google provides them with the best answers for their questions. Google provides the most up to date and relevant information from the websites who, in their view, are the best on the specific subject.

So, How You can Make Google Love you?

You can start by providing Google with a website that contains:

  • Relevant and up to date content
  • Good links pointing to it
  • Signs and clear information about what you are about (this can be achieved by SEO)
  • A site that is pleasant to view and navigate and it is quick to load on most browsers

Some ideas to achieve the points listed above and consequently be loved by Google

Have up to date and relevant content that Google loves:

  • Have an events section and keep those up to date
  • News section, adding relevant and up to date news to your site will help you keeping the site being up dated frequently
  • Twitter or Facebook feeds on the site, this can be an automatic feed and will guarantee your site has fresh information
  • Having a blog on your site and posting interesting and relevant post frequently
  • Have a “reviews” session for products
  • Provide a hints and tips page

Having good links pointing to your site

  • Mainly if you have a good site with informative and unique material, people will want to link to your site, so start writing and give a little to get a lot
  • Register for relevant directories:
  •  DMOZ is a good one and it is free, but might take a while,
  • Yahoo is a paid one,
  • Search in Google for industry related directories
  • Register with local directories, Google Places is a must.

Optimise your site

Google loves optimised sites. Who ever said that Google does not like SEO is crazy! By otpmising your site you make Google’s work easier and more efficient. So have all your metadata (which are certain elements of your site, we will touch on them on our next post) optimised for relevant keywords, have content that is great and people link to.

If you do all this, how will Google not love you? So get started!
See you next week with more tips on basic online marketing and basic SEO tips.