E-Marketing Basics

SEO Keyword Competition

By Ana Urban

How to analyse the SEO keyword competition

You should have several good and relevant keywords on you list by now. Remember, they should bring enough traffic and be relevant to your business and website to be worth targeting. Now we need to know if it will be easy or too hard to rank well for these chosen keywords. This will depend on the competition.

Checking the SEO keyword competition – method 1 – Google Search Engine

This method is pretty simple and should always be done. Simply type the chosen keyword in Google and check:

  • who is occupying the first page
  • how big are they
  • how good is their website
  • check for other keywords they may be using

Always check at least the first and the last on the first page. If you think you have what it takes to beat at least the last on the page, then you can move on.

seo competition

Checking the SEO keyword competition – method 2 – Google Adwords

On Google Adword, keyword Tool, check what Google say about the competition: High, low or medium. Usually keywords with high competition will be harder to rank than low. But sometimes it is the quality of the competition and not number of competitors that is important.

keyword competition

Checking the SEO keyword competition – method 3 – Market Samurai

This is a great free tool. Market Samurai http://www.marketsamurai.com/. Whilst you will need to sign in, there are several free modules and lots of videos and help.

This information will tell you who are the 10 page one results for a specific keyword and will also tell you how strong the competition is.

You must always check:

  • how old is the domain age,
  • what it the page rank and,
  • how many back links pointing to the domain.

seo keyword competition

I have analysed the SEO keyword competition

After analysing the competition for your chosen SEO keywords, you will know which ones are easier to rank for and with those you will have a better chance of achieving page 1 of Google.

A couple of rules:

    • if your website is new or newish (under 2 years) go for less competitive keywords as it might take a bit longer to rank for competitive ones
    • choose really relevant keywords, this is more important than choosing really high traffic keywords
    • if your page rank is low, try to increase it by getting relevant links pointing to your site. But initially go for weak competition keywords

With all this research done, you should be able to pick FIVE MAIN SEO keywords to optimise your website. Choose those carefully and on my next post I will talk about “What is meta data” and “how to Optimise Meta Data”.

Recapping: the Basics SEO Keyword Research

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So Liz Hurley is visiting Shane Warne in Australia

By Ana Urban

What does this have to do with SEO or online marketing?Not that much. But this is just a short post to show that you can pretty much find out everything through a good Search Engine. It will also illustrate the slight difference between results from Google and Bing.

How did I find out Shane Warne leaves in Brighton

Yesterday I finished work and got home ready to take Boss (my beloved staffy dog) for a walk. It was hot and humid, which is unusual for Melbourne, and I was tired after a busy day at work. Being 7 months pregnant does not help either but the puppy needs a walk and always get one.

We go our usual way and as soon as I am to turn the corner onto William Street in Brighton, I see camera crews, journalists, cameras, paparazzi and the lot. I get really curious, but had no idea what was going on and the possibility of being filmed or photographed looking that way (remember, it was a hot day and I am pregnant so not my best) was too frightening so I walked on and did a different route.

Little did I know that they would not be any interested in me since they were there for truly famous people and not interviewing residents or anything.

Bing, Google and Bang: I’m in the loop with the latest Brighton gossip

I get back home and go straight to my computer, had been cursing my Iphone issues all the way as the internet or anything for that matter is working really poorly on the old chap. This meant I could not start my simple research right there in the park.

But laptop in hand and I start the search. As lately I have been trying to give the Search Engine Bing a fair go, I start with it and type:

William street Brighton paparazzi

This was not the least enlightening to be honest as the article was dated December 09. But I knew I was really just typing first thing in my mind without thinking and was not going to hold Bing responsible.

However, I then did the same thing with Google and this is what I get.

Needless to say, that brought me the answer I was looking for and I then realise that Shane Warne lives in Brighton and his girlfriend Liz Hurley was visiting. I had been wondering: Shane Warne and Liz Hurley, sounded like a strange match at first. But then again… not really.

This has shown me a clear advantage of using Google when searching for news and up to date information on something. Like gossip of course!! No one wants to hear yesterday’s love affairs or break ups. It’s all about today’s news and the fresher the better.

This does not mean that Google is the best full stop. There are occasions, where really up to date information is not what matters, but relevancy is. We will talk more about Bing and Google and why you should be using both.

In the mean time, good luck to Warnie and Hurley’s romance and their time in Australia.

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Looking Ahead: Google Instant Preview Affects SEO

By Ana Urban

Looking Ahead: Google Instant Preview Affects SEO

Google has revealed a unique, new way to improve their search results with the feature “Google Instant Preview”.

Some people are asking if Instant Preview will imply the end for SEO. The answer is – no. Google Instant Preview does not change the ranking process of Google’s search results. It doesn’t mark the end for SEO but there may be a few changes to your SEO strategy and techniques.

Preview of Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview

How does Google Instant Preview Work?

Instant Preview is structured to provide graphical previews of the search result websites. The graphical previews also, at times, highlight the most relevant parts called “call-outs”, as well as where the search term appears on the page.
By clicking once on the magnifying glass in the search result will instantly preview the web page. After activating Instant Previews with that one click, you can hover over any other search result to see a preview of the web page.

The Importance of Good Website Design with Google Instant Preview

Google Instant Preview will impact on the quality of your web page design:

  • Google Instant Preview takes screenshots of the web page and also highlights the search keywords or key phrase (Call Outs as they are called). This all happens without receiving a click through.
  • Searchers will now base the way they open the search results website through the design itself, the logo, colors, layouts and call outs.
  • Experts warn that design now becomes a critical factor in making sure click-through rates remain the same.

Flash and Google Instant Preview

If you’re site is made from Flash, Google Instant Preview possibly previews blank screenshots of the Flash website. So along with the fact that Iphones and Ipads do not display flash, having a website purely build on flash could be the end of your online business.

Google Preview and Flash

Google Instant Preview Advice

  • make sure your website pages are well structured, a professional website design company can assist you in the process
  • keep your pages clearly laid out and with a minimum of distractions or external content
  • make sure that keyword appears to the content of pages.
  • when possible avoid pop-ups, flash, multimedia and other elements to avoid having Google Instant Preview display blank or unattractive graphics.
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How to Start Your SEO Keyword Research

By Ana Urban

How to Start Your SEO Keyword Research? Brainstorming!

Basic Keyword Research – The importance of Keywords Choice When Optimising a Website

SEO is becoming more and more popular, you go to some networking meetings and the new buzz word is “SEO”, “search engine optimisation” or “be found in Google” by the more basics

keywords research and SEO

With SEO becoming more and more popular is not uncommon for me to have people coming to me and asking me for hints about how to optimise theirs site. This is great, as I believe anyone can benefit from an optimised site.

However, what I have noticed is that most have not thought about the first thing about SEO. The foundations of a good search engine strategy, the super importantkeyword research

So this is what we will talk about, keyword research for a SEO strategy that actually is worth your time.

How to Start a Keyword Research for SEO Purposes


Always start a keyword research by brainstorming

  • Think about the services and products you provide and write down all the different names you can think of.
  • Think about what would a searcher looking for your products or services would type in the search engines to find your products, think outside the square, write it all down
  • Think about the benefits your products or services can bring to your potential clients. Write it all down.
  • Get all the words you came out with and think of variations of it. Plural, singular, synonymous, invert the order of the keywords e.g. Happy person > happy people > people happy > happy persons

SEO tip: spend a week on this brainstorming. Take 1 hour at first to start this list and then carry this list with you for the whole week, save it on you phone notes, or carry in a piece of paper.

Every time you can think of something, write it down. By the end the week you should have at least 50 keywords on your list for us to start our new step, next week.

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Basics of Keyword Research Part II

By Ana Urban

First of all, happy New Year and I hope everyone has had a good break! I am sure some new years resolutions out there include:

  • Improve search engine ranking
  • Come on page one of Google in 2011
  • Have an SEO strategy in 2011 and not just throw keywords around and waste money

so lets get started!

Basics of Keyword Research for SEO – Small Business and Non Technical People

Basic Keyword Research part II – How to choose the keywords that people are using to search for your products

On our previous post “How to Start Your SEO Keyword Research” we talked about the importance of they keyword research and how to get started on it.

So now, please get your keywords list and lets analyse these SEO keywords.

1. Go to www.AdWords.Google.com (if you already have a Google account, use your log in if not, just quickly create one, it’s free and easy.

SEO keyword analysis tool

2. You will then be taken to this page:

SEO keyword analysis tool

3. Click on “opportunities” tab on the top and then “keyword tool” on the left menu of the next page.

4. You will then arrive on the page below:

SEO keyword analysis

  1. Competition: this shows how strong the competition is for this specific keywords, this is based on pay per click bidders, but usually it gives you a good idea on the organic competition as well.
  2. Google monthly searches: how many time is this keyword search on Google all over the world for the moth in question
  3. Local monthly searches: this is the most important bit, as it shows us the search results for the SEO keywords on the specific country or area we have requested.

5. Check all your keywords and check also Google SEO Keyword suggestions to see if there are some good ones you have not thought about.

6. For small business and new websites I would recommend the following tips:

  • 6.1. Be specific with your SEO keywords, so for example, if you are a hairdresser, you should be looking for keywords like: hairdresser Melbourne, hairdresser Brighton, hair colouring specialists. This is because if you target “hairdressing”, can you imagine how many “hairdressers” your are competing against? It would be really difficult to rank for something like this. And even if you do
  • 6.2. Target your locally when you can: if your hairdressing salon is in Brighton, if someone finds you and they live and work in Essendon, they will probably not going to travel all the way to Brighton for a haircut, so you will not convert anyway. So target your local area when you can.
  • 6.3. Try surrounding suburbs when targeting local keywords
  • 6.4. Try different keyword combinations: check what is best, hairdresser Brighton, hairdresser Brighton, Brighton hair dresser etc… so you know what keyword people use moreoften and it is this SEO keyword you should target.
  • 6.5. Choose only relevant SEO keyword: if you are a hairdresser and yours services do not include “hair extensions”, don’t try to target this keyword just because you think it’s a good keyword, the SEO keyword must be relevant!

The next step will be to have a look at the competition for your chose SEO keywords, but we will look into this next week.

SEO Keyword Tips and Recap:

  • Spend some time analysing the SEO keywords, it is worth as they are the most important part of your SEO strategy
  • Look at synonymous, I sometimes like to use a thesaurus to
    look for it
  • Target your location when applicable
  • Don’t go for really broad keywords

And remember that even if it all looks like too much work, it is worth it! Someone once said to me:

How do you eat and elephant? Bit by bit.

So approach the same way, do one little bit at the time and in a couple of months you will see that you might have almost finished that elephant and you will be enjoying the rewards of a good SEO keyword research and strategy.

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Motivating Mum Blog Carnival – Why do I blog?

By Ana Urban

Hi everyone,

Today I am blogging to participate on Motivating Mum Blog Carnival If you are a WAHM(working at home mum) or WAHM a to be, you should come and have a look at this website for some support and motivation.

So why do I blog? I blog to help people with their website. People with no technical background, small businesses, mums starting or growing their own business and anyone who cares about their website and would like to get more visitors.

SEO and Online Marketing Blog

I love SEO and E-marketing and I am lucky to love my work. I also like to help people and love helping my clients.

Some of my clients are small businesses with a limited budget for a complex online marketing or SEO strategy, but as some of you would already know, SEO and online marketing are ongoing processes and need to be worked on regularly, so if you can’t afford to pay a good web strategy firm to do it for you, your next best option is to do it yourself.

SEO is Too Hard

That is what a lot of people say, and I will not lie, a good SEO strategy takes time and knowledge to achieve.

That is why most will benefit from having the Search Engine Optimisation done by a professional. A professional SEO will research the best keywords for you, the ones that are achievable and relevant to your site and the keywords that will bring you the best return on investment. The SEO professional will prepare all other relevant details for your site, like headings and metadata (hidden code that tells Google what the page is about). The SEO firm can also implement the strategy and take care of the technical details.

Search Engine Optimisation can be done with relatively low costs, especially if you consider the benefits it will bring to your business, so well worth the investment.

But then, what about the ongoing process, the link building, the social media, the new pages to your site? You have started seeing results, you have more traffic and more sales, so you can let it go. This is where E-marketing Basics Blog comes in.

Weekly, Bite Size SEO and Online Marketing Tips

With this you can carry on your online marketing and get your site to rank better, get more exposure and more sales.

Remember your website should work for you! Having a good website is like having a sales person working for you, except there is no holiday pay and it works 24 hours a day. SEO is the constant stream of qualified leads for this efficient sales person you have.

Main points

  • Your website should work for you, a good website is like an efficient sales person
  • SEO brings you constant stream of qualified leads to your website
  • www.e-marketingbasics is about basics, and if you don’t understand something, ask, this is why I love the comments box
  • By following my blog, you will have basic and easy to understand information to improve your website rankings
  • Have a specific SEO question, ask on the comment box and I’ll respond
  • Why I blog? To help you to improve your site!

That is it for now, thanks everyone and a special thanks to Alli, from Motivating Mum, who has invited me to her blogging carnival.

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Google is King! So how to make Google love you

By Ana Urban

Google brings about 95% of traffic to your website, so there is no doubt Google is King. But how to make Google love you?

Start by loving it back!!

The first step to love Google is by loving your target audience (clients).

Why is Google so good, why are they the best search engine and such a big thing?

Because they aim to provide people with what people want.
People love Google because Google provides them with the best answers for their questions. Google provides the most up to date and relevant information from the websites who, in their view, are the best on the specific subject.

So, How You can Make Google Love you?

You can start by providing Google with a website that contains:

  • Relevant and up to date content
  • Good links pointing to it
  • Signs and clear information about what you are about (this can be achieved by SEO)
  • A site that is pleasant to view and navigate and it is quick to load on most browsers

Some ideas to achieve the points listed above and consequently be loved by Google

Have up to date and relevant content that Google loves:

  • Have an events section and keep those up to date
  • News section, adding relevant and up to date news to your site will help you keeping the site being up dated frequently
  • Twitter or Facebook feeds on the site, this can be an automatic feed and will guarantee your site has fresh information
  • Having a blog on your site and posting interesting and relevant post frequently
  • Have a “reviews” session for products
  • Provide a hints and tips page

Having good links pointing to your site

  • Mainly if you have a good site with informative and unique material, people will want to link to your site, so start writing and give a little to get a lot
  • Register for relevant directories:
  •  DMOZ is a good one and it is free, but might take a while,
  • Yahoo is a paid one,
  • Search in Google for industry related directories
  • Register with local directories, Google Places is a must.

Optimise your site

Google loves optimised sites. Who ever said that Google does not like SEO is crazy! By otpmising your site you make Google’s work easier and more efficient. So have all your metadata (which are certain elements of your site, we will touch on them on our next post) optimised for relevant keywords, have content that is great and people link to.

If you do all this, how will Google not love you? So get started!
See you next week with more tips on basic online marketing and basic SEO tips.

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Why Online Marketing Basics?

By Ana Urban


So this is the start of this blog. I would like to start by explaining why e-marketing basics.

Well, this blog was created with some of my clients in mind. I work as E Marketing Manager for a Company called iformat.
We are based in Melbourne and I could probably say that half of our clients are small businesses.

Whilst small business are realising the importance of SEO and Online Marketing in General and understand it is a cost effective investment rather than an expense, some of the ongoing site promotion and SEO gets forgotten after the SEO implementation.

E-marketing Basics and Small Businesses

The site is ranking, so that’s fine. But SEO is an ongoing process and if you want to improve or even preserve your rankings you must do continual work on the site.

Bigger clients can afford to have us do the work for them, but on a small business, business owners have to do a lot o the work.

I then realised that after I finish a project, a couple of months down the road the work is not being done on the small businesses sites. So I write them emails explaining how to go about it. With time, it got really boring writing some many emails, so I thought, if I have a blog, I can direct my clients to it and they will always have fresh and valuable information.

Back to Online Marketing Basics

  • Assist with the basics of Search Engine Optimisation: I want to be able to have small business to understand the importance of SEO and be able to carry on the work after an SEO strategy is implemented.
  • Assist with business who are to engage with an SEO firm, what they should look for and make sure they are not being made a fool of themselves by cowboys of the search engine optimisation industry (trust me, I have seen many of them)
  • Help people the already have their SEO strategy in place, but feel is time to do a bit more and tap on the whole online marketing strategy.
  • Talk about benefits of pay per click and how to make a sound investment and avoid costly keywords that will not benefit your business.
  • Give an idea about the importance of an email marketing campaign, hints on how to go about it.
  • Talk about engaging clients on your website with a design and structure that focus on conversion
  • Demonstrated the importance of a well written copy on you website and how a couple of tricks can make people more interested in what you have to say.
  • I can miss the social media revolution, so we’ll talk about that as well, how to use it efficiently and what you can expect from it.
  • Help with some affiliate marketing information and how you can benefit from it.

This is just what I remember now, but we will add to this list as we go.

So keep coming back, sign up for the RSS feed ….

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